Remembering Merlynn: The Magic Cockatiel Who Enchanted Audiences

"TMC" is short for "The Magic Cockatiel"

Remembering Merlynn: The Magic Cockatiel Who Enchanted Audiences

June 24, 2024 Entertainment News 0

Farewell to a Magical Performer

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Merlynn, the talented and enchanting cockatiel who brightened magician Leigh Hotz’s comedy/magic show. Merlynn, who had been performing magic for almost seven years, left us last Saturday night during a severe wind and dust storm.

Merlynn’s Magical Journey

Merlynn was not just any bird; he was a star. He even graced the stage of America’s Got Talent with Heidi Klum, performing a captivating mentalism trick that left the audience in awe. His ability to connect with the crowd and bring magic to life made him a beloved member of Leigh Hotz’s show.

A Tragic Night

Unfortunately, on Saturday night, Merlynn experienced what is known as “night fright.” This occurs when a sudden noise startles a bird from its sleep, causing them to thrash around their cage. Tragically, this sudden fright led to a heart attack, taking Merlynn from us. Our other cockatiel, Smoky, who was Merlynn’s understudy for the shows, also experienced the fright but thankfully survived.

Legacy of a Feathered Magician

Merlynn’s passing is a significant loss to Leigh Hotz’s show and to everyone who had the pleasure of seeing him perform. His legacy of bringing joy and wonder to audiences will live on through the memories shared by those who witnessed his magic. We will always remember Merlynn not just as a cockatiel, but as a true performer who brought a touch of magic into our lives.


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