Q: Does Merlynn Talk?

"TMC" is short for "The Magic Cockatiel"

Q: Does Merlynn Talk?

January 25, 2020 FAQS Uncategorized 0

Many people ask me if Merlynn can actually talk. Being a Cockatiel, the answer is YES. The list below are some of words, phrases, and sounds he currently does. We can not force him to say many of them on command, but he randomly says them when he talks when he feels like it. He is learning more each month.


Pretty Bird

What’s Ya Doing?

Want to buy some Magic?

I Love You

Give Me Kiss

I’m A Baby Birdie

Come Here

Hey Leigh

Hi Merlynn


Phone Ringing

Cat Purring

Kissing Noise

Wolf Whistle

Adams Family Theme Song Whistle

Yankie Doodle Song Whistle

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