Merlynn appears for America’s Got Talent Judges in Season 17

"TMC" is short for "The Magic Cockatiel"

Merlynn appears for America’s Got Talent Judges in Season 17

October 13, 2022 News 0

Merlynn made it to America’s Got Talent season 17. He performed in front of the judges, but unfortunately, his segment did not air on network.

In his un-aired episode, assisted by comedy/magician Leigh Hotz and his wife Mamata, Merlynn hypnotizes Heidi Klum by talking to her feet. Once under his birdy trance, both Heidi and Merlynn each selects a card from a deck of cards. The total values of the cards are totaled and calculated. On the table on the stage is a toolbox which contains a tool Merlynn has predicted Simon will select later in the act.

The total comes out to 14 where Simon Cowell opens a tool catalog which contains about 100 tools, and turns to that page number and selects one tool. Simon announces he has selected a 8 foot ladder. After a fanfare, magician Leigh reaches into the toolbox and struggles a bit before pulling out a gag ladder which is only about 12 inch tall, but has 8 tiny feet with shoes on it.

Merlynn then screams something which Leigh replies, “Which OTHER ladder?” Leigh then proceeds to full out a full size 8 foot latter as a climax to the act.

By this time Leigh & Merlynn had three X’s from the judges, but Howie Mandel who liked the act, said he would have given the act a golden buzzer, if he haven’t already gave his away to a previous act.

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